Conversation Hearts

Its February! And of course, this means that Valentine's and hearts are on the mind. Dave's work cake often falls right around Valentine's day so I tend to make something "love" themed. Last year was the ganache truffle heart cake (which got rave reviews!). This year I decided to do
As I started in on this cake yesterday it suddenly occurred to me that I was creating a castle cake on the same day as the royal wedding! Go figure :) This cake was made for a little princess turning 5. It was a replica of the castle on the
Yesterday's project: April birthday cake for my husband's work. I had other plans initially but in the end I decided to go with cupcakes - 6 dozen of them! I hadn't done them in awhile and I had a new recipe for a cheesecake filling I wanted to try out.
I *love* cheesecake. So I was excited to try this new filling idea after running across it in the Kraft Food & Family magazine. Basically, you make up your cupcake batter and then make up the cheesecake batter. Fill your cupcake liners halfway with batter. Then put the filling
This past weekend we celebrated the birthdays of my 2 sisters as well as my brother-in-law. My little sister made the cake request...marble, with strawberry filling and chocolate frosting! One of my favorite types of frosting! ;-)
Since the meeting/party is this week I went with a St. Patty's theme - much like I did 2 yrs ago. This time around I decided to use the fun of those rainbow cupcakes and make a rainbow cake! I did it with a similar method that I used to
Today we're tackling how to make rainbow cupcakes. I made these last week for my daughter's 9th birthday.
Well, one last Hello Kitty post here. Again more inspiration from the wonderful Bakerella. These were so fun to make because they are just so cute... Hello Kitty is just ... so ... cute!
So here's part 1 of the Hello Kitty birthday weekend! Friday night my daughter had her friends over for a sleepover party. I picked up this Hello Kitty Wilton pan and Emily and I decorated it together. Actually, she did a good part of it. I blobbed the icing on
My oldest daughter turns 9 today. And like most girls her age, she loves rainbows. We went over a variety of possibilities for her cupcakes that she would take to school. Her actual b-day party is Hello Kitty themed but she wanted something different to take to school. She decided