Little Bees

Long time no cake. 😉   Yeah I haven’t been doing as many lately.  But a friend called and wanted something The Hive themed for her daughter’s 2nd birthday – how can I say no? 🙂  She also requested 50 little sugar bees to use on pancake stacks.  I had extra so I decided to implement them in the cake as well.  The bees on top are fondant, those little bees are royal icing and the rest of the cake is buttercream.  This one is an 8″ & 10″.


Little Bees Cake - A Sweet Cake

Little Bees Cake - A Sweet Cake

Polka dots!

While polka dots don’t make it into the clothes I wear, I just love them for cakes!  They are so festive and fun!  This time I decided to do an ombre gradient of color using 3 different shades of each color.  The star on top is also a gradient (which you can see in the 2nd picture below).  This cake is an 8″ & 10″.

Polka Dot Ombre Cake - A Sweet Cake

Polka Dot Ombre Cake - A Sweet Cake


Last month my niece turned 4!  She loves Tinkerbell, so I got to make her a fairy-perfect cake.  This cake is an 8″ & 10″.  The Tinkerbell on top is a toy.

Tinkerbell Cake - A Sweet Cake


A friend asked if I could make a cake with a big softball for her daughter’s birthday – of course!  The ball for this cake was made with the Wilton ball pan.  The base is a 10″ square.

Softball Cake - A Sweet Cake

Hamburger Cupcakes

I had seen these cupcakes done before online, but hadn’t had a chance to try them until a friend  asked me to make them for her son’s birthday.  They sure were fun to make, and from what I heard, fun to eat as well. 😉  They are yellow cupcakes with a brownie “burger” and icing for condiments.

Hamburger Cupcakes - A Sweet Cake

So addicting!

I don’t know how many of you are addicted to this “sweet” game, but I do love it!  Though I have been FOREVER stuck now on level 208!

My husband saw a pic of a Candy Crush game online and suggested I do one for the work cake this month….and here it is!  This is a 2 layer, 9×13 cake ~ and a few extra cupcakes. 🙂


Candy Crush Cake - A Sweet Cake

Minion Cupcakes!

Its hard not to like the Despicable Me movies – and especially those hilarious (and sometimes inappropriate) minions! 🙂  It was sure fun to make up these little faces for my friend’s daughters.  The faces are made of a fondant/gumpaste blend.

Minion Cupcakes - A Sweet Cake


Here is another style of cake I saw online that I wanted to try.  Slightly time consuming but not too bad.  This was for my husband’s work for August…I did not realize I had done this same shade in June!  Oh well 🙂  They didn’t complain…after all, it IS cake!

Teal Petals - A Sweet Cake

Roses are Teal

I saw this method of decorating a cake online and had to try it!  I have some kinks to work out, but overall it turned out pretty well.  My husband’s coworkers got to enjoy this (and eat the mistakes on it 😉  ).

Roses are Teal - A Sweet Cake