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Golf Cake

Here is a cake made for a friend.  The cake is 12×18.  Golf club is made of a fondant/gumpaste mix (as are golf balls).  The writing at the side was something she came up with – the sayings are:  “A little ‘birdie’ told me you’re turning 30”, “You ‘putt’ the ‘tee’ in terrific” and “We think you’re above ‘par'”  Everything is edible except the stick for the pole of the flag.

His and Hers :)

These cakes were made for my sister and her husband for their birthdays.  He’s not a chocolate fan (and the rest of us are!) so I made him a special yellow cake.

First the “hers” design…I based the design on some fabric I saw on a purse.  The choclate icing is buttercream and the strip is fondant.  It didn’t work out perfect but in the end most of the “flaws” are hidden. 🙂  The design on top is two fold…first it is a replica of the scrolls on the side and secondly it is an S which start’s my sister’s name (Shelly).

And for the “his” cake… her hubby works in construction/home improvement/remodeling.  So he got a “wood” cake with a gumpaste circular saw blade cutting in. 🙂  The saw blade is painted with a silver shimmer that doesn’t show as much in the photo.  The cake is a 4″ round, fondant covered and painted to get that wood look.

Fire truck

This was made for a friend’s son for his 3rd birthday. Cake is iced in red frosting and the ladders are made of chocolate melts and painted with a silver pearl dust. Windows and accents are colorflow. The puppy, hose and hydrant are made of fondant.