Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Well one last Hello Kitty post here.  Again more inspiration from the wonderful Bakerella.  These were so fun to make because they are just so cute…Hello Kitty is just … so … cute!

I made up 40 of these for the party.  And most turned out just right…

But one… one was a little “different”…

But she was so cute as well 🙂  And check out the great cake pop stand my husband whipped up for me!  And we can change out the ribbon for different needs.  He found some Hello Kitty ribbon at Walmart – perfect!

Halloween Candy Dish

This cake was for my husband’s office for their Oct birthday celebration.   The bottom cake is a 10″ round with buttercream.  On top of that is a chocolate  bowl that has cake inside of it.  The hand is made from rice krispie treats and covered in green chocolate.  Everything is edible except of course for the candy wrappers 🙂

Ahhh…that's refreshing!

This cake was made to celebrate the birthday of my mom’s coworker.  He likes beer from what I’m told 🙂  So here is a big mug of … cake 🙂  And no – it doesn’t taste like beer 😉  This cake is about 6″ in diameter and 8-9″ tall with a gumpaste handle.  Cheers!

Golfing George

My mom commissioned me to make this cake for her boyfriend, George’s, birthday.  The cake itself is a 10″ carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. All icing except the figure – and the ball which is a fondant ball on a wire. My sister Shelly came over to help me out and helped me sculpt the fondant “George” for on top 🙂  She did the wacky and wild pants…woo hoo 🙂  I made the head which had us cracking up.  We have too much fun doing this.  We asked all of our kids who it looked like and they all told us “George!” so we must have done good.  He loves golfing…so that’s where the design came from.  Below is a pic of him so you can do your own comparison.  Happy Birthday, George!


And his fondant likeness…

Purse & Bag

There are few women who don’t enjoy a bit of shopping.  This cake was created for a lady who loves to shop.  She is a co-worker of my husband’s and they are celebrating her birthday tomorrow at work.   So for this I created a purse cake and a shopping bag … after I finished I thought the shopping bag could be interpreted for just a gift bag but really either work for the occasion!

The purse is about 6″ wide x 6″ tall.  The gift bag is 7″ long x 6″ wide and 4″ tall.  Everything is edible except the wires inside the handle to form it 🙂  Even the “tissue paper” in the gift is fondant.  The purse is painted using a pearl dust to make it shimmer.

Click an image for a larger view…

Gobble, Gobble!

Here is another creation for my hubby’s work ~ turkey cake!  Made up of cake and 4 waffle ice cream cones 🙂  “Stuffing” is cut up cake – lettuce is … well real lettuce 🙂  This cake went really fast and turned out better than I had thought it might LOL

Nick's Topsy Turvy Grad Cake

Today we celebrated the college graduation of my cousin (in law 😀  ) Nick.  His wife (my cousin) wanted a funky cake and requested a topsy turvy cake based on the invite colors/pattern they used for the party.  This was my first topsy turvy and lots of lessons learned.  I want to send a big thank you to a fellow cake-buddy, Jeanne from Well Dressed Cakes for the great instructions she gave me to help me pull it off.

The cake itself is 4″, 6″, 8″ but each layer is carved to taper in at the bottom.  Each layer is also 3 layers high (standard cake is 2 layers).  They are fondant covered, with fondant accents and wires with fondant balls on the top.  The words around the middle tier were taken from the invite and say “inspire”, “dream”, and “believe”.  This was another S&S inspired creation – kudos to my sista for helping me come up with the designs for it and she helped with the actual decor as well and gave me moral support when the original top tier was falling apart in my hands 😀 (I later redid that entire tier)

Mario Cake

This is the cake I made for my hubby and I to celebrate our b-days (his is the 21st, mine is today the 23rd).  We are both big Nintendo and Mario fans but he’s even a bigger game player than I am.  This was really fun to make and if I hadn’t had a sick child I would have made a few more fondant characters to go along with it.  Fortunately I created the top pipe/flower part yesterday.  Cake is covered in fondant and fondant figures.  The pipe and flower head are made from rice krispie treats and covered in fondant.   He doesn’t know what I’m making for the cake so it will be a surprise for when he gets home today 🙂

Another view…Closeup view of the decor…coins and brick blocks

Piece of Cake

I’ve wanted to make this style cake for awhile now so I got to try!  It didn’t take that long either.  Candle on top is fondant and whole cake is covered in fondant (with an icing border).

Calculator/Adding machine

I created this cake for my husband’s co-worker.  He was in charge of bringing a cake of some sort for an office b-day celebration for her.  She’s an accountant and this is what I came up with!  He helped me figure out some details on how we would do it.   Here’s the result!  Its about 8″ wide & 12″ long with the icing and about 4″ tall at the top of the back.  Its covered in fondant with fondant “buttons” and a fondant/gumpaste “paper” on top.