Caramel Apple

Well with this October cake, Fall is officially here! 🙂  I have to give credit where credit is due for the inspiration for this cake – one of my favorite magazines – Food Network.   They featured this awesome cake in their most recent issue of the magazine, but you can see the instructions online on their website.   While I didn’t follow their cake/icing suggestions, I did follow their basic construction directions and had great success.  I would rate this as a pretty easy project, provided you have played around a little with making a cake before.  Overall I found it went together pretty fast – I spent much of my time waiting for the freezer parts for it to firm up.  But I kept busy during that time by baking some spice cake cupcakes and whipping up some cream cheese icing for those. 😉  I’d say that’s a good use of free time!

I lack 9″ pans so I used four 8″ round cakes for this.  The caramel square amount is very accurate. This was certainly a fun cake to make. 🙂

Happy Fall!

Caramel Apple Cake - A Sweet Cake

So addicting!

I don’t know how many of you are addicted to this “sweet” game, but I do love it!  Though I have been FOREVER stuck now on level 208!

My husband saw a pic of a Candy Crush game online and suggested I do one for the work cake this month….and here it is!  This is a 2 layer, 9×13 cake ~ and a few extra cupcakes. 🙂


Candy Crush Cake - A Sweet Cake

Easter Peep

This cake was made for April’s work birthday party @ my husband’s job.  I had seen the idea in a Food Network magazine and thought it looked fun.  The peep itself is constructed out of a 9×13 plus two cakes baked in bowls.  I needed a few more servings, so I put the whole thing on another 9×13 cake.

I didn’t have the best time with the tail portion.  Once it was frosted, it really pulled on the wooden skewer supports that the instructions said to use.  It ended up cracking a little, but not horribly.  In looking at real peeps, I noticed that they don’t really have a pronounced tail like the FN cake.  I think if I did this one again, I would just sculpt a small peak of a tail with frosting at the back.  The beak (also a triangle of cake skewered onto the head cake) stayed on well, though, as you can imagine, its kind of a challenge to ice that nicely.

But it turned out cute in the end.  The peep is covered in yellow colored sugar.  The eyes are chocolate melting wafers.

Easter Peep Cake - A Sweet Cake


Gummy Bears!

My friend’s daughter was celebrating her 10th birthday with a gummy bear themed and asked if I could create something for that.  We contemplated a few ideas (including one that involved covering the entire cake with gummy bears, which would use almost 4.5 POUNDS of gummy bears!), but in the end we decided to go a bit less, since we figured everyone would pick most of the bears off and trash them anyway.  She found a giant gummy bear on a stick from World Market that we used on top.  It really finished it off!  This cake is a 6″/8″.

The Big 1-0 !

This cake was made for 2 beautiful girls turning 10 years old!  The cake was made from 2 9×13 cakes that I cut in half and stacked up.  The accents are fondant.  I also made up a few cupcakes to go along with them (see below).  The design was based on a party napkin that was being used for the party.

Pickin’ Coffee Beans

This month for my husband’s work cake I received an e-mail from a co-worker of his asking for a special request.  Some of their student workers had spent spring break in Guatemala picking coffee beans, helping build a school, and other projects, so she was wondering if I could make a coffee themed cake.  Of course I jumped at the chance to do this because I love coffee!

So this cake is a 12″ round cake with coffee flavored icing (one of my favorites!).  They all loved it! 🙂  The plant on the right is what a coffee berries look like when you see them on the plant.


January’s work cake for my husband’s work not only celebrated the Jan b-days but also celebrated the retirement of a long time employee.  She is very involved with quilting so they requested some kind of quilt themed cake.  This cake is a 12″ square, iced then draped with a fondant “quilt”.  While making this, it became very apparent to me why my mom and one sister are the quilters and NOT me.  😉


This cake was made for my cousin at the request of his mom.  We all celebrated together at a family Christmas get together in December.  He plays a marimba and is very active in marching band.  So we decided to do a marimba shaped cake.  He also loves chocolate chip cookies so we made the “keys” out of the cookies!  The sticks are dowels with cake balls on the end, coated with white chocolate.  I started with 2 9×13 size cakes and cut them to the shape and stacked them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love spending time in the kitchen but I love it even better when there’s someone with me to keep me company!  Yesterday my oldest daughter (9) joined me to help me create some cupcakes.  At her last Girl Scout meeting, she was chosen to bring snack for the next meeting.  When I picked her up, she said “Guess what!!  I get to bring snack next time! I want to bring cupcakes [my leader] says its ok!” 🙂  How can I say no to that enthusiasm?

So we tossed around ideas and in the end I found some Thanksgiving themed cupcakes online.  Perfect since it is 2 days before Thanksgiving!  We had a blast making them and I encourage you to try them for your holiday gatherings or just to have a fun time with your kids.

Here are some basic details on how I created each one:

  • Mashed Potatoes [My favorite one of them!!]: White icing, piped on with a 1A (large round) tip so that there was a “well” in the center of it.  The “butter” is a yellow starburst that I cut in half.  I put that in the center and the drizzled a bit of caramel ice cream topping over it.
  • Peas & Carrots: Spread green icing over the cupcake.  The “peas” were made from chewy mini sweet tart balls.  You can also use the green runts for this.  The “carrots” were orange starburst that I quartered.
  • Drumstick: The “bones” I made up ahead of time by using white chocolate melts and a tip 8 to pipe into that basic shape on waxed paper.  Allow to cool/harden and then pop them off.  I used chocolate buttercream and another tip 1A to make a huge, slightly off center, mound of icing.  Then stick the “bone” in the side of it.
  • Chocolate Pie: First ice the “pie” color.  My daughter loves chocolate pie so we used brown.  But you can use an orange-ish/brown for pumpkin pie, red for cherry, etc.  Then I used a small flat tip (like a smooth basket weave tip but not as wide) to pipe a basic “crust” around in ivory.  Then I used a tip 3 top pipe white icing on top for “whipped cream”.

Happy Thanksgiving!
If you make some, share your pics or send me a link to them.

Gimme Some Pumpkin Pie!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner…seriously…next week!  I can hardly believe it.  So in my theme for November’s work cake, I decided to use the instructions I found from one of my favorite cakers (Sharon @ SugarEd).  She had a great tutorial for making this pumpkin pie cake.  So I got out my airbrush and went to town!

The “pie” is pumpkin cake (based on her recipe) that I baked right in a pie tin.  I followed her instructions for the process of making the “crust” and airbrushing it.  I am pleased with the results.  The bottom cake is a 10″ cake to provide those extra servings we need.

Enjoy!  And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!