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Misc Cakes

Woodland Baby Shower

We celebrated the birth of my nephew this weekend with a post-baby shower and get together for him.  My sister picked the theme of vintage woodland ~ and it turned out great!  She has a great designing mind…unlike myself! 🙂  But I, of course, was in charge of desserts.  On the dessert table:

Meringue Mushrooms
Chocolate Truffle Acorns
Chocolate Peanut Butter Nests
Mini Cupcakes


Chocolate Heaven [with Salted Caramel Filling recipe!]

I think I have confessed before that I don’t really eat much cake…after doing so many cakes over the years I got burnt out.  Pretty much the only time I have it is when I’m trying a new recipe or its something special and decadent.  In other words, most of the time I pass up the plain cake & frosting.

This cake, though, made me want to just dive in!  I got the cake idea from a Food Network magazine.  I love that magazine!  I made the cake recipe they supplied as well as their ganache.  The ganache was fantastic [of course because its hard to go wrong with ganache!!].  The cake recipe – well I’m not 100% sold on it.  I went with their minimum bake time and I feel like it got overdone on the bottom [even though the toothpick wasn’t coming out completely clean as they specified].  But I had a feeling it was done and to me it seemed a bit overcooked on the bottom.  But it still tasted good.  Very … deep… it has a bunch of strong coffee in it and between that and it being more of a fudgy cake it was very rich.

So the main change I made to it was to do salted caramel filling between the layers instead of ganache.  How could that go wrong? 🙂  It CAN’T!  Its ALL good…  🙂  I want to share the caramel recipe with you so you can try it as well.  I got it out of part of a recipe from Martha Stewart:

Salted Caramel Filling
(source: Martha Stewart)

4 c sugar
1/4 c light corn syrup
1/4 c water
2 c heavy cream
1 t coarse salt
2 sticks unsalted butter (cold & cut into 1 T portions)

Combine the sugar, corn syrup and water in a medium saucepan over high heat.  Cook until mixture is dark amber – do not stir! [Yes its hard not to stir but don’t! This part of the process takes about 13-14 min.] Remove from heat and pour in the cream…the sugar mixture will sputter and bubble as you do this, but its OK!  Stir until smooth, then return to the heat and cook until it reaches 238° on a candy thermometer.  This will take about 2 min.  Don’t let it go hotter than the 238!  Pour the caramel into a bowl and stir in the salt.  Let the caramel cool for about 15 min, then stir in the butter 1-2 T at a time until they melt and are fully mixed in.  Let cool completely before using.


And here is my cake complete with chocolate bark outside! 🙂

Black Forest

Though most of the cakes I do are a decorated design, I occasionally do a dessert type cake.  A cake…just for the deliciousness of it!  This time, it was a black forest cake.  Chocolate cake…cherry filling…whipped cream.  Yum!

Another mug

This is January’s work cake.  Another mug inspiration.  The cake itself didn’t photograph well.  The painting on it is a gold pearly finish.  So it looks neater in person than the photo can show.  Below the cake photo is a pic of the mug that inspired it.  The top of the cake is painted all over but because of the lighting it looks washed out.  Really its just as dark as it shows on the front of the top tier.


This cake was made for someone receiving a STAR award at my mom’s work.  Their logo is a tree.  This is an 11×15 cake with buttercream and the tree trunk, leaves and star are fondant.

More cupcakes and a big cake

Here is a sheet cake and 65 cupcakes I made for a grand opening of Marian’s new Appleton location.  The cupcake colors represent the schools logo color of royal blue and the team color of burgundy.   The seal on the cake is made from gumpaste to replicate the seal from their website (see below).  I then hand drew on the lettering and flame/torch design.  Letters on cake are fondant cut outs and all the flowers on the cupcakes are fondant cut outs.

This is the seal that I replicated from

Closeup of some of the cupcakes

And here are the remaining 4 dozen!


I know … football season is ended now.  Done and over… BUT I still had this extra logo waiting for use!  I had made up two of these for another cake (in case one broke) so this is the leftover.  The logo is made from a royal icing type medium…traced out and filled in, then left to dry/harden.  The rest of the cake is buttercream frosting.   I had extra green from the last packers cake too so I pulled that out to use.  This was my “demo” cake from cake class last night that I used to show them how to base ice a cake.

My hodge podge :)

This was the cake made last night in my fondant/gumpaste class. We worked with a few different fondant techniques & tools. I made it look the best I could with the things we were trying! And we made our carnations so I stuck one on top…