Pine Forest

This cake is headed to my husband’s work for the December birthdays.  I wanted something quick to throw together as my weeks lately have been a little crazy!  I cut out the fondant/gumpaste blend pine trees the day before and then I was able to assemble this cake (with  making icing) in just over an hour.  The rest of the icing is buttercream, and I used some white cake sparkles to make the tops “snow like”.

Pine Forest Cake - A Sweet Cake

Fall Leaves

This was November’s work cake for my husband.  8″/10″ cake with buttercream icing and fondant leaves.  The flower is gumpaste.

Fall Cake - A Sweet Cake

Easter Peep

This cake was made for April’s work birthday party @ my husband’s job.  I had seen the idea in a Food Network magazine and thought it looked fun.  The peep itself is constructed out of a 9×13 plus two cakes baked in bowls.  I needed a few more servings, so I put the whole thing on another 9×13 cake.

I didn’t have the best time with the tail portion.  Once it was frosted, it really pulled on the wooden skewer supports that the instructions said to use.  It ended up cracking a little, but not horribly.  In looking at real peeps, I noticed that they don’t really have a pronounced tail like the FN cake.  I think if I did this one again, I would just sculpt a small peak of a tail with frosting at the back.  The beak (also a triangle of cake skewered onto the head cake) stayed on well, though, as you can imagine, its kind of a challenge to ice that nicely.

But it turned out cute in the end.  The peep is covered in yellow colored sugar.  The eyes are chocolate melting wafers.

Easter Peep Cake - A Sweet Cake


St. Patricks (in April)

Well if you haven’t been able to tell by the gap in posts, I’m woefully behind in posting cake pics!  I’m starting to catch up today with a few posts – more to come!

This cake was actually the cake my husband took to work for March birthdays – hence the rainbow/clover theme. 😉  I also tried the whole make cake balls in a cake pop pan and put them in the batter of a cake trick I saw on pinterest.  Fun!  So the 2nd 2 pics were taken by my husband at work to show the results.  My only regret is not having MORE of the green balls inside for more affect.

Rainbow St. Patricks Cake

Rainbow St. Patricks Cake - Inside

Rainbow St. Patricks Cake - Inside

Winter Mug Cake


Its normally around January that I feel about done with winter – its not so much the snow that I mind, but the C-O-L-D.  You’d think after all these years I’d move a bit south…but I do love it here!  So instead I bundle up and enjoy the snowy view out my windows.  …  AND drink lots of coffee (or hot chocolate if that’s your thing!).  Coffee makes everything better. 🙂  So does cake (and cake goes good with coffee!) – so here is the January work cake – an 8″-10″ tiered cake with a cake mug of hot chocolate (complete with “marshmallows”) on top.  Stay warm!

Winter Mug Cake

Snowman Cake

Let it snow…

Its a snowy, snowy day here, so I figured I’d better catch up on a few cake posts.  This cake is actually from Dec for my husband’s work.  Mr. Snowman is made from an 8″ and 10″ cake, iced with a fondant scarf.

Snowman Cake

Almost Halloween!

I like to do themed cakes for my husband’s monthly work cake when I can.  This month, of course, it means Halloween!  In the past I’ve done a pumpkin, ghost, or bucket of candy.  This month I went with an idea I saw from somewhere online for a casket ~ complete with creepy skull! 🙂  This cake was carved out of an 11×15 sheet cake (double layer).  It is covered in fondant and painted and marked to look like wood.  The chain is also fondant.  The skull is made from white chocolate candy melts using Wilton’s skull candy mold.

Red, White & Blue Ruffles

This cake was inspired by a cake by Fondant Flinger that I found online.  Though hers was done with ruffled fondant layers.  I’ve seen this ruffled buttercream look all over the internet and I was intrigued by the look of it.  And its so easy to do!  I did a crumb coat on the cake with a regular, thick layer of icing on top.  Then I used a top 104, with the thin edge pointing out and I layered up a ruffle from bottom to top!  Its super easy – the main challenge was keeping my lines straight up and down.  I used a ruler and a level to mark my beginning lines and from there I would just take a step back every couple of ruffles to make sure I was on track.  I would suggest using a slightly bigger petal tip than 104 if you have one.  I had a 126 but I only had one of them and that would have been a pain with the alternating rows on top.  I didn’t want to try to fill in the rows later between another color.  So this just took longer.  But the effect is still awesome!  These cakes are an 8″ and 10″.  The ruffle “flower” circle on top was made with the same 104 tips.

Valentine’s Cupcakes

Happy (little bit late) Valentine’s Day!  These were some cupcakes that I made up for my 2nd grader to take to class for her Valentine’s party.  The hearts are fondant that I imprinted with a rubber stamp.


Christmas Gifts

Yes – that says CHRISTMAS.  I was editing some pics of cakes I’ve done this week and I ran across 2 cakes from mid/end Dec that I had forgotten to post!  So here’s one…better late than never!

This was the December work cake for my husband’s work.  It is a 6″ square on a 10″ square, iced in BC and fondant ribbons, bow and holly.

Merry (late) Christmas! 😉