Gumpaste Figures & Flowers

Monster High #1

This weekend was a busy one here as we celebrated my daughter’s 10th birthday with her friends and family.  This first cake was for her friend party.  She picked out the design and I just went with it 🙂  She loves Monster High so you will see a theme with this cake and the next 2 posts.

This cake is an 8″ round and the skull is done out of gumpaste, the wording is fondant.


So I made that elephant cake last week and now this week I got to make some fondant dogs! 🙂  I love making these little creatures.  They can be time consuming but they are so fun and so cute.  This 10″ cake was for a girl who likes dogs and purple!  Everything is buttercream except for the dogs, which are fondant.

And here is a close up of the puppies…

Little Elephant

This week I made a cake for a little girl turning 1.  She loves elephants so we wanted to incorporate an elephant into the design.  This cake is a 6″ and 10″ round, BC iced with fondant accents.  The elephant and bow are fondant.  The top layer is Grace’s “smash” cake, so we kept the dots just icing on that layer.  Happy Birthday, Grace!

And here is a closeup of the elephant…

Woodland Animals

This cake was for a friend’s little boy who turned 1 this past week!  She wanted a woodland animal theme and some fall thrown in too.  She had made an adorable Happy Birthday sign using a Cricut machine and she sent me pictures.  So I used those pics to duplicate the animals on the cake in fondant!  And they are all gathered around a “tree stump”.  The cake is a 12″ round cake, iced in buttercream and then wrapped around the sides with fondant for that tree trunk look.

And I loved this little fox – he reminds me of the Firefox logo 🙂

Happy Birthday, Stella!

This weekend we are celebrating the 1st birthday of my little cousin.  Hard to believe a year has gone by already!  She’s so precious and such a blessing to her parents and our whole family.

I created the cake for the big day based on the invitations and the party decor.  First up is the main cake.  This is a cupcake cake made to look like the tree from the invitation (the pic of the invitation is below).  The leftover cupcakes I iced and threw a flower on to go with them.  All of the flowers are a fondant/gumpaste blend.


And these were the cupcakes that were extra:

And finally, what’s a 1st birthday without a smash cake? 🙂  The party decor was Owl based.  Super cute design.  So I replicated one of the owls for the smash cake.  The cake is primarily buttercream (to make it baby friendly) with just a couple fondant accents.  I love this cake…this owl is just so cute to me.  A pic of the party napkin is below the cake pic.

Birthday Hula Party

My 7 yr old daughter decided she wanted a hula girl party for her 7th birthday with her friends.  So we went back and forth with a few design ideas and then she decided on a waterfall cake with palm trees.  This cake is a 6″ and 8″.  It is iced in butter cream.  The top palm trees are a fondant/gumpaste blend. The surf board is gumpaste.  The other flowers and palm trees are fondant.  For the waterfall, I first iced the cakes green. Then I roughly iced the waterfall in a light blue icing.  I then topped the blue icing with some piping gel tinted blue.  After that the other accents were added to hide the edges a bit.

Pirate Luau Cupcakes

My sister and I have been hosting a Pirate-Luau themed summer party for 4 years now.  We just celebrated our 4th year last weekend.  It occurred to me as I prepped the treats for this year, that I hadn’t ever posted images from the past 2 yrs!  So this is a combined post of 3 years worth of cupcakes.

First I’ll start off with this year’s cupcakes.  I didn’t have a lot of time this year as we had 1 week to get ready for the party after my family was gone on a 2 week road trip.  So I didn’t do any fancy decorations this year…maybe next year 😉  I just went with some tasty flavors – I recreated some recent ones like the cappuccino cupcakes with coffee frosting, peanut cupcakes with peanut butter and chocolate icing, and then an old standby of pineapple cupcakes with coconut icing.

Last year I did chocolate cupcakes, a lime cupcake, and again the pineapple cupcake with coconut icing.  I made the decorations out of gumpaste:  flowers, a “coin” (painted with gold luster dust), and a pirate flag.  I know I’ll get questions about the pirate flag so the basics on it are as follows.  I found a rubber stamp with that image at a craft store.  I then took a black FOOD SAFE marker/pen and colored the stamp.  Then stamped it onto the cut out gumpaste white rectangle.  Obviously stamping onto soft gumpaste does require some care (don’t press too hard!), however since I wanted the “rippled” flag effect, I had to stamp before it dried.  You can stamp onto dried gumpaste as well.  To ripple the flag I just set it over a curved surface to harden and dry.

I also used that same skull stamp to stamp the  gold coins while they were still soft – though I did not use any ink – just the imprint of the stamp.

In 2009 I created the flower cupcakes as above, but I also made some plumeria (flowers of the lei), skulls & cross bones, treasure maps, and some pirate faces out of gumpaste.  The maps I let dry, then wrote on with food safe markers.  Same with the faces on the pirates.

And finally I wanted to share the photo of the cupcake stand my husband made for me.  This pic shows the palm leaves made of construction paper.  These worked fine…for one year.  The next year we re-cut them out of a green tarp.  These have held up wonderful now for 2 years and I’m sure they will be around for awhile.  He made the stand out of a plywood circle base, posts cut at an angle and covered in twine, and 2 more plywood circles on top.

Rockin’ Again

Earlier this month my youngest turned 7.  We were out of town on vacation at the time so when we got back, we celebrated with family.  This year we combined her party with my niece’s party.  My niece requested something to do with Hannah Montana.  I ran this by my daughter and she was all good with it.  I decided to stick to the basic rock star stuff so here’s what I came up with.  This is a 10″ cake, iced in buttercream, with fondant “zebra stripes”.  The guitar and stars are made from gumpaste.