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Graduation Cupcakes

My cousin graduated from high school this year and last weekend we celebrated his graduation with a party – and of course cupcakes! 🙂  Flavors this time…

  • Chocolate Cupcake with Peanut Butter icing and a half of a PB cup on top
  • Cappuccino Cupcake with Coffee Icing and a chocolate covered coffee bean on top
  • Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate icing
  • Vanilla Cupcakes with strawberry filling and cream cheese icing

While all were eaten and loved, I’d say the overall winner from this batch was the peanut butter ones.  Those flew out the window in no time! 🙂  On the vanilla cupcakes, I made up some fondant decorations to show both his high school and future college.

Congrats, Jeremy!


Last week I did a graduation cake for a high school grad.  I have done other grad cakes for this family so it was fun to do another!  This cake is an 8″ and 12″.  He is into photography so there are “polaroid” snapshots around the cake of his interests.  Cake is iced in butter cream with a gumpaste grad cap on top with gumpaste pics (edible images on them).


Graduation time…

And this year I got to make one for the daughter of a friend who graduated high school this spring.  Their request was turquoise and zebra – and “can it be sparkly”?  So I got myself an airbrush, played around and ended up spraying the bottom tier a pearly color.  Its not as easy to tell in the pic but boy in the sun it sparkled!

The grad cake

This cake was a labor of love for my mom and my little sister, Kelsey.   My mom graduated in May with her Master’s degree and my sister graduated from high school in June.  So proud of both of them! 🙂  Their party was this weekend and I had seen a cake done in this structure last year some time.  I loved how fun it looked so I sweet talked my older sister into helping me and we planned out the design last week.  Then spent over 4 hrs decorating it together.  The top two tiers on this cake are fake cake because they didn’t need quite that much cake for the party – however this type of cake can be done with all real cake.  Its all a matter of physics people 🙂  All of the tiers are 8″ squares, covered in fondant.

They loved the end result so that made us happy as can be!   Hope you enjoy it too…

Graduation time!

Its that time of year…so many great accomplishments.  Congrats to all the graduates out there.  Today’s cake is a high school graduate who also is an avid hockey player.  School colors were maroon/white and the hockey colors blue/white.  This cake is a 10″ – 12″ tiered cake.  The grad cap on top is gumpaste (and edible).  Everything is edible 🙂  Well except the support dowels 😉

Nick's Topsy Turvy Grad Cake

Today we celebrated the college graduation of my cousin (in law 😀  ) Nick.  His wife (my cousin) wanted a funky cake and requested a topsy turvy cake based on the invite colors/pattern they used for the party.  This was my first topsy turvy and lots of lessons learned.  I want to send a big thank you to a fellow cake-buddy, Jeanne from Well Dressed Cakes for the great instructions she gave me to help me pull it off.

The cake itself is 4″, 6″, 8″ but each layer is carved to taper in at the bottom.  Each layer is also 3 layers high (standard cake is 2 layers).  They are fondant covered, with fondant accents and wires with fondant balls on the top.  The words around the middle tier were taken from the invite and say “inspire”, “dream”, and “believe”.  This was another S&S inspired creation – kudos to my sista for helping me come up with the designs for it and she helped with the actual decor as well and gave me moral support when the original top tier was falling apart in my hands 😀 (I later redid that entire tier)