Easter Egg

These cake and cupcakes were done for a friend’s daughter who celebrates her birthday this weekend.  The egg is fondant covered with a gum paste bow and the cupcakes have buttercream icing with gum paste eggs.

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Guitar Cupcakes

So its my oldest’s birthday tomorrow (she turns 7!!!).  A couple weeks back we started talking more about her birthday and what theme she wanted…and she decided on rock star. 🙂  This girl loves guitar hero, rock band, guitars and all that goes with it.  Yet in the next breathe she plays barbie and my little pony.  I can’t figure it out!   So when it came time to pick a cupcake for school she said “guitars!!!  or drums…or maybe a microphone…” 🙂  So we settled on guitars as that was probably easiest (and most fun) for me.  She picked the colors and wanted this style of guitar.

The guitars are royal icing piped (I made 30 of them! Only broke one – yay 🙂  ).  The stars are cut out of fondant and left to dry so they harden.  Then there’s icing and pink cake sparkles.  There will be more guitar cakes to follow as the celebration continues 😉

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Valentine's Cupcakes

Valentine’s day is just around the corner ~ and I was on duty to make sweet treats for both the girls’ classes.  I decided to keep it easy on myself and make them all the same and not too detailed.  I did, after all, end up decorating 4 dozen cupcakes! 🙂  It didn’t take that long at all either.  Chocolate cupcakes by the request of my chocolate loving girls…the icing is piped out half pink/half white.  Dark pink cake sparkles on top and then I piped out chocolate pink and red hearts to put in top.  Click an image to enlarge…

More BIG Cupcakes

Here are some more giant cupcakes!  This time for a male so bring on the blues 🙂  To give some reference the base on these has a diameter of about 5-6″ and they are about 7-8″ tall.

Snowflake Cupcakes

Tonight is my 4 yr old daughter’s Christmas program for school.  I signed up to bring a sweet treat of course 😉  I love working with the blues of winter and snowflakes.  So here are some blue iced cupcakes with some Wilton crystal sprinkles for “snow” and royal icing snowflakes that I piped.  Boy were they fragile! I’m glad I made extra.  But the delicate look of them is just what I wanted… Click the image to see a larger view.

Giant Cupcake

This cake was made using Wilton’s Giant Cupcake pan.  Iced all in buttercream and the dots and flower are made from fondant.  The pic makes it look like the flower and base are very different in color when they aren’t.  Someday I’ll perfect using my camera & lighting 😉

Castle Cupcakes

These castle cupcakes I made for my daughter to take to school for her bday.  I had found this idea online along with another idea (princess crowns).  I let her pick thinking that won’t take too long.  Ok…well lesson learned 😉  I spent a good 4 hrs on the castles alone.  Fortunately the baking and icing/glitter part was super quick. 🙂  But she loves them (other than thinking that the castles were going to be really big cause of the pic I had shown her).  They are dusted in a pearl dust so they shimmer.  I had to make 24 of them to take.  Whew…I’m tired of that now 🙂  But they did turn out cute.   I wish the pic could show the details and shimmer better…I need to make that light box!

Island Princess Cupcake Cake

Here is the cupcake cake I made for my daughter’s 6th birthday party with her friends tomorrow.  Cupcake cakes are made by putting a whole bunch of cupcakes together and icing over the top.  Then to serve you just take a cupcake off – no cutting! 🙂  On top is the tiara I made earlier this week (see pics below in the last post). I’ve put a pic below of the island princess barbie this was based on.

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