Monster High Cookies!

And finally we have some Monster High themed sugar cookies.  We used this in the goody bags that we sent home with her friends (and served the extras at her family party the next day).  These took a bit of time due the fact that there is no set of Monster High cookie cutters – so each cookie, fondant piece, and accent was cut by hand using a template.  Time consuming? yes but they looked so neat and she loved them!

Christmas Cookies & Minty Cupcakes

I’m always amazed at how fast the month of December flies by.  I don’t know why I am STILL surprised by this because it happens EVERY single year. 🙂   Every year I take part in a cookie exchange where my decorated cookies expected!  I love doing exchanges because its a great opportunity to get a variety of tasty things without having to do all that different baking.

So here are the cookies I made this year…I’m particularly fond of the trees & ornaments.  My daughters both liked the presents.  The fondant bows were a bit tedious but well worth it when I saw the end result.

And later that week I had some leftover cupcakes so I made up some minty icing and striped it to create some mint chocolate cupcakes to donate with some of my cookies for a bake sale.  Yum!

Valentine Cookies

Yesterday I worked on these cookies for my 2 daughters to take to class for their valentine’s day parties.  My oldest daughter (almost 8 yrs old) has grown very particular about her cake and cookie designs 🙂  I find it both cute and humorous.  She saw the bridal shower cookies I made last week and loved the designs.  This past weekend I asked her what design/color she wanted for their v-day cookies.   Her reply “I want the back to be light pink and I want a red heart in the middle and make it with the curl on the one side like that cookie.  But I don’t want the crooked heart mom, I want a regular one [see previous post – I used a whimsical heart].  And do some of those little hearts up at the top too.  That’s not too hard is it?” 🙂  She makes me smile – her list of requests yet she wants to be sure its not going to take me a million years.

Well much to my delight it didn’t – I baked and completely iced these during the day on Wed while she was at school….all 55 of them!  They went quite fast really.  Both she and her sister loved them which made my day.  Hopefully their friends love them too tomorrow – but then again, what’s not to love about cookies!

Bridal Shower Cookies

Long time no post!  We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel here so I haven’t been doing many cakes lately.  Mostly because so much of my stuff is packed or hard to find.  I do have great work area though thanks to a temporary kitchen setup.  Here are some cookies I did that were for a bridal shower. 70 cookies total… This was my first time playing with the tiered cake cookie cutter despite having it since last summer.  So much fun!  I can’t wait to do more designs with it.


This is a cake I did for a baby shower … mom-to-be is expecting a boy and the design was based off the bedding style/colors & decor.  Cake is fondant covered with fondant accent planes.  The cookies were shower favors in the basic colors of the bedding as well.