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Red, White & Blue Ruffles

This cake was inspired by a cake by Fondant Flinger that I found online.  Though hers was done with ruffled fondant layers.  I’ve seen this ruffled buttercream look all over the internet and I was intrigued by the look of it.  And its so easy to do!  I did a crumb coat on the cake with a regular, thick layer of icing on top.  Then I used a top 104, with the thin edge pointing out and I layered up a ruffle from bottom to top!  Its super easy – the main challenge was keeping my lines straight up and down.  I used a ruler and a level to mark my beginning lines and from there I would just take a step back every couple of ruffles to make sure I was on track.  I would suggest using a slightly bigger petal tip than 104 if you have one.  I had a 126 but I only had one of them and that would have been a pain with the alternating rows on top.  I didn’t want to try to fill in the rows later between another color.  So this just took longer.  But the effect is still awesome!  These cakes are an 8″ and 10″.  The ruffle “flower” circle on top was made with the same 104 tips.

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