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Shaun the Sheep…Baaaa!

Well its time again for the monthly birthday cake for my husband’s work.  Since May is his [and mine too] birthday month, we brainstormed for a fun idea he’d like.  We came up with Shaun the Sheep ~ based on a tv show our whole family loves.  I have to say my favorite side is the stacked up sheep. 🙂  What was most fun was drawing their pupils.  Its amazing how the placement of these black dots can completely change the expression of a figure. 🙂

Tower of sheep!  I love the middle bottom one with his crossed eyes. 🙂


Timmy flying away with balloons…


And of course, Shaun!  I would have loved to make a stand up figure of him, but
we thought of the idea at the last minute and its been a busy week!

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