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Christmas Cookies & Minty Cupcakes

I’m always amazed at how fast the month of December flies by.  I don’t know why I am STILL surprised by this because it happens EVERY single year. 🙂   Every year I take part in a cookie exchange where my decorated cookies expected!  I love doing exchanges because its a great opportunity to get a variety of tasty things without having to do all that different baking.

So here are the cookies I made this year…I’m particularly fond of the trees & ornaments.  My daughters both liked the presents.  The fondant bows were a bit tedious but well worth it when I saw the end result.

And later that week I had some leftover cupcakes so I made up some minty icing and striped it to create some mint chocolate cupcakes to donate with some of my cookies for a bake sale.  Yum!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies & Minty Cupcakes”

  1. Do you happen to share the recipe for the icing that you used to decorate the cookies? I HATE royal Icing but your icing looks like the kind from that “cookie bouquet” place and I LOVE that icing! But I can’t find a recipe for something like that anywhere. Thanks!! -Kayli

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