Pirate Luau Cupcakes

My sister and I have been hosting a Pirate-Luau themed summer party for 4 years now.  We just celebrated our 4th year last weekend.  It occurred to me as I prepped the treats for this year, that I hadn’t ever posted images from the past 2 yrs!  So this is a combined post of 3 years worth of cupcakes.

First I’ll start off with this year’s cupcakes.  I didn’t have a lot of time this year as we had 1 week to get ready for the party after my family was gone on a 2 week road trip.  So I didn’t do any fancy decorations this year…maybe next year 😉  I just went with some tasty flavors – I recreated some recent ones like the cappuccino cupcakes with coffee frosting, peanut cupcakes with peanut butter and chocolate icing, and then an old standby of pineapple cupcakes with coconut icing.

Last year I did chocolate cupcakes, a lime cupcake, and again the pineapple cupcake with coconut icing.  I made the decorations out of gumpaste:  flowers, a “coin” (painted with gold luster dust), and a pirate flag.  I know I’ll get questions about the pirate flag so the basics on it are as follows.  I found a rubber stamp with that image at a craft store.  I then took a black FOOD SAFE marker/pen and colored the stamp.  Then stamped it onto the cut out gumpaste white rectangle.  Obviously stamping onto soft gumpaste does require some care (don’t press too hard!), however since I wanted the “rippled” flag effect, I had to stamp before it dried.  You can stamp onto dried gumpaste as well.  To ripple the flag I just set it over a curved surface to harden and dry.

I also used that same skull stamp to stamp the  gold coins while they were still soft – though I did not use any ink – just the imprint of the stamp.

In 2009 I created the flower cupcakes as above, but I also made some plumeria (flowers of the lei), skulls & cross bones, treasure maps, and some pirate faces out of gumpaste.  The maps I let dry, then wrote on with food safe markers.  Same with the faces on the pirates.

And finally I wanted to share the photo of the cupcake stand my husband made for me.  This pic shows the palm leaves made of construction paper.  These worked fine…for one year.  The next year we re-cut them out of a green tarp.  These have held up wonderful now for 2 years and I’m sure they will be around for awhile.  He made the stand out of a plywood circle base, posts cut at an angle and covered in twine, and 2 more plywood circles on top.

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1 thought on “Pirate Luau Cupcakes”

  1. No need to do fancy decorations 😉 …. the cappuccino cupcakes were AMAZING!!!
    You certainly have a great talent!

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