Happy Birthday, Stella!

This weekend we are celebrating the 1st birthday of my little cousin.  Hard to believe a year has gone by already!  She’s so precious and such a blessing to her parents and our whole family.

I created the cake for the big day based on the invitations and the party decor.  First up is the main cake.  This is a cupcake cake made to look like the tree from the invitation (the pic of the invitation is below).  The leftover cupcakes I iced and threw a flower on to go with them.  All of the flowers are a fondant/gumpaste blend.


And these were the cupcakes that were extra:

And finally, what’s a 1st birthday without a smash cake? 🙂  The party decor was Owl based.  Super cute design.  So I replicated one of the owls for the smash cake.  The cake is primarily buttercream (to make it baby friendly) with just a couple fondant accents.  I love this cake…this owl is just so cute to me.  A pic of the party napkin is below the cake pic.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Stella!”

  1. I love the owl cake. That is the exact party decorations that I purchased. How did you make that matching cake? I am dying to know!!!

  2. Hi Karey – I used that owl image of the napkins and resized it to the size I wanted (about 7″ tall). I printed it out and cut out the outline. I baked an 8″ round cake and then set the owl shape on top and cut around it to make the owl shape. Then I iced it in purple, added pink icing for the belly and I used fondant for the eyes, flower, and wings. The beak and feet are buttercream icing as well. If you have a specific question about how I did something let me know. 🙂

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