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Horse Cupcakes … part 2!

My youngest daughter will be celebrating her 7th birthday later this summer – but of course we need to celebrate it at school before summer break starts!  So tomorrow she’ll be celebrating her school birthday…with cupcakes of course 🙂  When I asked her what she wanted, the first thing she said was “pink frosting”.   And then “flowers”… so I asked if she wanted any extra decoration or just flowers?  She was thinking and so I mentioned how in the past we’d done a horse on one, etc.  “Horse?” she said with interest (my girl LOVES horses)…so I bring up the pic from 2 yrs ago to remind her.  And her reply?  “Yes I want that!”  Same thing…again 🙂  Whatever makes her happy!

The horses in these cupcakes are made from royal icing.  I get an amazing amount of emails from my wonderful blog readers asking about how to make these royal icing images.  Well – you’re all in luck!  When I made these horses I took some pics of the process and this weekend I’ll be working on a new tutorial on how to make royal icing decorations like this! 🙂

But until then, enjoy these girly horse cupcakes.  My daughter was thrilled with them!  Which is all I could ask for 🙂

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