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The grad cake

This cake was a labor of love for my mom and my little sister, Kelsey.   My mom graduated in May with her Master’s degree and my sister graduated from high school in June.  So proud of both of them! 🙂  Their party was this weekend and I had seen a cake done in this structure last year some time.  I loved how fun it looked so I sweet talked my older sister into helping me and we planned out the design last week.  Then spent over 4 hrs decorating it together.  The top two tiers on this cake are fake cake because they didn’t need quite that much cake for the party – however this type of cake can be done with all real cake.  Its all a matter of physics people 🙂  All of the tiers are 8″ squares, covered in fondant.

They loved the end result so that made us happy as can be!   Hope you enjoy it too…

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