I love teal

For some reason this color just makes me smile.  Maybe its the fresh cleanness of its color or how vibrant it is.  But I love it.  This cake has no purpose.  In fact it will likely just end up in the garbage (please don’t *gasp* yet).  The top is actually a fake cake (styrofoam) that I covered for my students in class on Tuesday.  Since no cake goes undecorated I was pondering what to do with it.  I decided to make use of some other bad cake and make it a big one.  The base of this cake is real cake – 10″ of overcooked, kind of burnt cake ickyness!  I had a little timer incident last week which resulted in burning 4 cakes 🙁  Bummer…but of course they won’t go wasted. 😉  Meaning they WILL get decorated!

So I made up more teal fondant and here you have it.  Also as part of my goal in doing the cake I wanted to use up some extra icing in my fridge.  I had about 10-12 different tupperwares full of icing in there…all different colors.  It was starting to make me crazy.  So I pulled some out and just slapped them on this cake and iced.  I used yellow green and blue.  The effect was quite neat and you can see a pic of the base iced cake below the finished cake pics in this post.  I want to try this with a full coat of icing on a cake sometime.

Anyway…enough talk – here’s the cake 🙂

Click on the pics for a larger view

Check out that marbling…this is what happens when you just throw 3 colors of icing on the cake and smooth it out. You can see my teal fondant anxiously awaiting. Almost matches my lovely rolling pin (I LOVE MY ROLLING PIN!!!!) in the background 🙂

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