Fall Leaves

Posted by Steph on Nov 30, 2013 in Holiday, My Cakes

This was November’s work cake for my husband.  8″/10″ cake with buttercream icing and fondant leaves.  The flower is gumpaste.

Fall Cake - A Sweet Cake

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Caramel Apple

Posted by Steph on Oct 3, 2013 in 3D Cakes, My Cakes, Novelty

Well with this October cake, Fall is officially here! 🙂  I have to give credit where credit is due for the inspiration for this cake – one of my favorite magazines – Food Network.   They featured this awesome cake in their most recent issue of the magazine, but you can see the instructions online on their website.   While I didn’t follow their cake/icing suggestions, I did follow their basic construction directions and had great success.  I would rate this as a pretty easy project, provided you have played around a little with making a cake before.  Overall I found it went together pretty fast – I spent much of my time waiting for the freezer parts for it to firm up.  But I kept busy during that time by baking some spice cake cupcakes and whipping up some cream cheese icing for those. 😉  I’d say that’s a good use of free time!

I lack 9″ pans so I used four 8″ round cakes for this.  The caramel square amount is very accurate. This was certainly a fun cake to make. 🙂

Happy Fall!

Caramel Apple Cake - A Sweet Cake

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A Pumpkin Princess

My niece turned 3 this weekend and the theme was pumpkin princess! She likes all things sparkly and pink. 🙂 This cake is a 10″ round with a pumpkin cake on top. The pumpkin was carved out of the wilton ball pan and covered in fondant. The crown is gumpaste with a hard candy jewel on it.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in Cupcakes, Holiday, My Cakes, Novelty

I love spending time in the kitchen but I love it even better when there’s someone with me to keep me company!  Yesterday my oldest daughter (9) joined me to help me create some cupcakes.  At her last Girl Scout meeting, she was chosen to bring snack for the next meeting.  When I picked her up, she said “Guess what!!  I get to bring snack next time! I want to bring cupcakes [my leader] says its ok!” 🙂  How can I say no to that enthusiasm?

So we tossed around ideas and in the end I found some Thanksgiving themed cupcakes online.  Perfect since it is 2 days before Thanksgiving!  We had a blast making them and I encourage you to try them for your holiday gatherings or just to have a fun time with your kids.

Here are some basic details on how I created each one:

  • Mashed Potatoes [My favorite one of them!!]: White icing, piped on with a 1A (large round) tip so that there was a “well” in the center of it.  The “butter” is a yellow starburst that I cut in half.  I put that in the center and the drizzled a bit of caramel ice cream topping over it.
  • Peas & Carrots: Spread green icing over the cupcake.  The “peas” were made from chewy mini sweet tart balls.  You can also use the green runts for this.  The “carrots” were orange starburst that I quartered.
  • Drumstick: The “bones” I made up ahead of time by using white chocolate melts and a tip 8 to pipe into that basic shape on waxed paper.  Allow to cool/harden and then pop them off.  I used chocolate buttercream and another tip 1A to make a huge, slightly off center, mound of icing.  Then stick the “bone” in the side of it.
  • Chocolate Pie: First ice the “pie” color.  My daughter loves chocolate pie so we used brown.  But you can use an orange-ish/brown for pumpkin pie, red for cherry, etc.  Then I used a small flat tip (like a smooth basket weave tip but not as wide) to pipe a basic “crust” around in ivory.  Then I used a tip 3 top pipe white icing on top for “whipped cream”.

Happy Thanksgiving!
If you make some, share your pics or send me a link to them.

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Gimme Some Pumpkin Pie!

Posted by on Nov 17, 2011 in 3D Cakes, Holiday, My Cakes, Novelty, Pie

Thanksgiving is right around the corner…seriously…next week!  I can hardly believe it.  So in my theme for November’s work cake, I decided to use the instructions I found from one of my favorite cakers (Sharon @ SugarEd).  She had a great tutorial for making this pumpkin pie cake.  So I got out my airbrush and went to town!

The “pie” is pumpkin cake (based on her recipe) that I baked right in a pie tin.  I followed her instructions for the process of making the “crust” and airbrushing it.  I am pleased with the results.  The bottom cake is a 10″ cake to provide those extra servings we need.

Enjoy!  And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Woodland Animals

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Birthday, Gumpaste Figures & Flowers, Kid Themed, My Cakes

This cake was for a friend’s little boy who turned 1 this past week!  She wanted a woodland animal theme and some fall thrown in too.  She had made an adorable Happy Birthday sign using a Cricut machine and she sent me pictures.  So I used those pics to duplicate the animals on the cake in fondant!  And they are all gathered around a “tree stump”.  The cake is a 12″ round cake, iced in buttercream and then wrapped around the sides with fondant for that tree trunk look.

And I loved this little fox – he reminds me of the Firefox logo 🙂

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Halloween Candy Dish

Posted by on Oct 21, 2010 in 3D Cakes, Holiday, My Cakes, Novelty

This cake was for my husband’s office for their Oct birthday celebration.   The bottom cake is a 10″ round with buttercream.  On top of that is a chocolate  bowl that has cake inside of it.  The hand is made from rice krispie treats and covered in green chocolate.  Everything is edible except of course for the candy wrappers 🙂

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Apples in the Basket

Posted by on Nov 20, 2009 in 3D Cakes, Gumpaste Figures & Flowers, Holiday, My Cakes

Here is the Nov cake for DH’s work.   This is a 10″ round cake with chocolate buttercream and a 6″ round, 3 layer cake on top, iced in chocolate buttercream and fondant strips on the outside to make a “basket”.  All of the leaves, apples and acorns are fondant.  Happy Fall!

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More fall…

Posted by on Sep 20, 2009 in Holiday, My Cakes

This cake was for the Sept birthdays at my husband’s work.  The brown side parts are made of a chocolate candy clay.  All the rest is buttercream icing.

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A bit of fall…early :)

This cake was a fall themed one – not quite fall yet but I still love it.  The colors are so pretty.  All of the flowers are gumpaste, cake is buttercream iced.

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