Baby Shower Butterflies

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This baby shower cake was to be based on the bedding that was picked out (see pic below).  The butterflies are gumpaste and the rest is done in fondant.

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Honduras Cake

This cake was a S&S creation for my sister’s (the other “S” in S&S) church for an auction to raise money for a missions trip to Honduras.  The butterfly (as noted in my previous post) is an evenus coronata butterfly from Honduras and the flower on this cake is a hibiscus-like flower found there as well.

We kept this clean and simple ~ gumpaste flower and perched butterfly, fondant covered cake and ribbon around the base with a simple bow on front.  I love the how the colors came out together!  And I hope that the cake gets a high bid at the auction to raise them a lot of money.

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This butterfly I made for a “coming soon” cake 😉  Its my attempt at a replica of evenus coronata ~ a butterfly native to Honduras.  Pic of actual butterfly is below. The colors are pretty accurate to in person though the base color is a touch more of a teal.  Butterfly is all edible except the anteanne which are fake flower stamens 🙂  It is made with gumpaste and then hand painted with food colors then dusted with a pearl dust.  It looks kind of crooked in the pic but its really not in person 🙂  Just how it comes out at the angle I took it at I think.  The body doesn’t look so funny in person 🙂




Butterfly Cake

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Cassie’s 3rd bday cake – with the chocolate butterflies!

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More butterflies

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More butterflies – these will be for Cassie’s bday cake this week 🙂 Pink/purple/blue…made the dark chocolate darker this time and got it colder before adding the color so it didn’t smudge the dark outlines like last time.

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Made completely of chocolate 🙂 More to come next week …

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