Gummy Bears!

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My friend’s daughter was celebrating her 10th birthday with a gummy bear themed and asked if I could create something for that.  We contemplated a few ideas (including one that involved covering the entire cake with gummy bears, which would use almost 4.5 POUNDS of gummy bears!), but in the end we decided to go a bit less, since we figured everyone would pick most of the bears off and trash them anyway.  She found a giant gummy bear on a stick from World Market that we used on top.  It really finished it off!  This cake is a 6″/8″.

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Little Bear Cake Pops

Posted by on Feb 16, 2011 in Holiday, My Cakes

Anyone with kids knows that there are many class parties.  I don’t mind signing up to bring things – and of course you know what I pick:  Sweet Treat! 😉

We were signed up for a sweet treat for Emily’s valentine’s party this week.  I was poking around the net a few weeks ago and read Bakerella’s post with her Valentine’s Day Bears. So…cute… !!!  I showed them to Emily when she got home and she was all over that idea.

I gathered the necessary items and last weekend she helped me create these adorable bears.  I won’t lie – they took time – but we had so much fun doing them together and she learned all kinds of techniques and skills.  Plus the bragging rights that she helped create them. 🙂  She helped with each step along the way.  She’s almost 9 so I didn’t think she’d necessarily hang in there for the whole process but she did.

And we were both pleased with the results!  Thank you Bakerella for your inspiration.  Check her out – you’ll be inspired as well!

Valentine's Cake Pop Bears

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