Bad things happen sometimes…

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I LOVE recipes…I’m kind of addicted.  I just can’t help myself. I  love to cook and bake and try new things.  We are forever trying out a new food or a different variation of something we have done before.  I’m forever tearing them out of my magazines, printing them off from online or copying one down I find in a library book.

That said, I rarely hesitate to just jump in and try something new.  I’ve come to trust certain sources to be reliable.  I found out yesterday that this isn’t always fool proof though…

These cupcakes WERE for my husband to take to work today for June birthdays.  I was trying some new toppings from one of my FAVORITE food magazines, Food Network Magazine.  I love this magazine and I want to preface this blog today by saying its a great magazine, they have tons of awesome ideas and recipes and this one bad experience is in no way affecting my opinion towards it. I  highly recommend this magazine if you like to cook!  I get so excited when it arrives each month.

Ok onto the cupcakes…this one was part of their “Snickers” like cupcake.  The recipe is Peanut Cupcakes with Nougat-Chocolate Frosting.  And here is the pic they show of their finished cupcake:

(Image from FoodNetwork.com)

Delicious, right?  The recipe in the magazine for the nougat part called for:

2  13 oz jars marshmallow creme
1/2 c creamy peanut butter
pinch of salt

So that is what I did…I got some on about 10 cupcakes…and then looked back at the start and realized it was running OFF the cupcakes.  Making a gigantic mess too I might add!  So I put the bowl back on the mixer and proceeded to mix in about 3 c worth of powdered sugar to thicken it up.    This seemed a bunch thicker  so then I spread this on.  So far so good.  But within a couple minutes, this is what I had…

Nothing could save these poor things!  By now they were ALL a gooey, sticky mess.  It was then that I pulled up Food Network’s site on my computer and read the reviews…hmmm…not good!  <sigh>  I also then noticed that on their website they had changed the nougat ingredients to have only one 13 oz jar of marshmallow creme.  However at that time I was out of marshmallow and not really wanting to waste more trying anyway.

In the end I rebaked the cupcakes and tried a new recipe in place of the nougat that was mentioned in one of the reviews.  It was basically a peanut butter chip ganache.  It used 4 oz heavy cream and 8 oz peanut butter chips to make a ganache.  This was delicious!  Not really the same affect as the initial flavor but in the end still fantastic.  You can see the finished cupcakes here:  A Candy Kind of Cupcake

By the way, those messy cupcakes above are still fantastic.  Just SUCH a mess.  The flavor of the nougat is awesome though.  I wish it would have worked out!


Hello Kitty Cake Pops

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Well one last Hello Kitty post here.  Again more inspiration from the wonderful Bakerella.  These were so fun to make because they are just so cute…Hello Kitty is just … so … cute!

I made up 40 of these for the party.  And most turned out just right…

But one… one was a little “different”…

But she was so cute as well 🙂  And check out the great cake pop stand my husband whipped up for me!  And we can change out the ribbon for different needs.  He found some Hello Kitty ribbon at Walmart – perfect!


About my blog…

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I started this blog to have a good way to display pics of my cakes both as a record for myself and so others could see them as well. After this post will be a bunch of older cakes followed by current ones. You can see the obvious progression of talent 😀 I started cake decorating classes in Feb of 2007 and I’m currently taking them.


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