Bad things happen sometimes…

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I LOVE recipes…I’m kind of addicted.  I just can’t help myself. I  love to cook and bake and try new things.  We are forever trying out a new food or a different variation of something we have done before.  I’m forever tearing them out of my magazines, printing them off from online or copying one down I find in a library book.

That said, I rarely hesitate to just jump in and try something new.  I’ve come to trust certain sources to be reliable.  I found out yesterday that this isn’t always fool proof though…

These cupcakes WERE for my husband to take to work today for June birthdays.  I was trying some new toppings from one of my FAVORITE food magazines, Food Network Magazine.  I love this magazine and I want to preface this blog today by saying its a great magazine, they have tons of awesome ideas and recipes and this one bad experience is in no way affecting my opinion towards it. I  highly recommend this magazine if you like to cook!  I get so excited when it arrives each month.

Ok onto the cupcakes…this one was part of their “Snickers” like cupcake.  The recipe is Peanut Cupcakes with Nougat-Chocolate Frosting.  And here is the pic they show of their finished cupcake:

(Image from

Delicious, right?  The recipe in the magazine for the nougat part called for:

2  13 oz jars marshmallow creme
1/2 c creamy peanut butter
pinch of salt

So that is what I did…I got some on about 10 cupcakes…and then looked back at the start and realized it was running OFF the cupcakes.  Making a gigantic mess too I might add!  So I put the bowl back on the mixer and proceeded to mix in about 3 c worth of powdered sugar to thicken it up.    This seemed a bunch thicker  so then I spread this on.  So far so good.  But within a couple minutes, this is what I had…

Nothing could save these poor things!  By now they were ALL a gooey, sticky mess.  It was then that I pulled up Food Network’s site on my computer and read the reviews…hmmm…not good!  <sigh>  I also then noticed that on their website they had changed the nougat ingredients to have only one 13 oz jar of marshmallow creme.  However at that time I was out of marshmallow and not really wanting to waste more trying anyway.

In the end I rebaked the cupcakes and tried a new recipe in place of the nougat that was mentioned in one of the reviews.  It was basically a peanut butter chip ganache.  It used 4 oz heavy cream and 8 oz peanut butter chips to make a ganache.  This was delicious!  Not really the same affect as the initial flavor but in the end still fantastic.  You can see the finished cupcakes here:  A Candy Kind of Cupcake

By the way, those messy cupcakes above are still fantastic.  Just SUCH a mess.  The flavor of the nougat is awesome though.  I wish it would have worked out!


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