Golfing George

My mom commissioned me to make this cake for her boyfriend, George’s, birthday.  The cake itself is a 10″ carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. All icing except the figure – and the ball which is a fondant ball on a wire. My sister Shelly came over to help me out and helped me sculpt the fondant “George” for on top 🙂  She did the wacky and wild pants…woo hoo 🙂  I made the head which had us cracking up.  We have too much fun doing this.  We asked all of our kids who it looked like and they all told us “George!” so we must have done good.  He loves golfing…so that’s where the design came from.  Below is a pic of him so you can do your own comparison.  Happy Birthday, George!


And his fondant likeness…

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1 thought on “Golfing George”

  1. Your cakes are amazing. We enjoyed the golfer decor. The likeness to George is so funny and It was the best carrot cake I’ve ever had.

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